Coming in hot at 66 pounds absolute, these customizable hand weights are ideal for middle of the road lifters. The set accompanies four 4.4-pound plates and eight 5.5-pound plates, produced using a combination of iron and sand, so you can expand your weight effortlessly. You’ll likewise get an associating bar to change your different free weights into one free weight to utilize while you slip into powerlifting. The champion component, however, is the plates’ octagonal shape, which keeps the free weights from rolling away from your exercise region — and scratching your hardwood floors — when they’re perched on the ground. Your landowner expresses gratitude toward you ahead of time.

“They are smaller,” said a customer. “Decent loads you don’t need to stress over them rolling away with the octagon shape. The free weights fit extraordinary in my grasp and I have huge hands. The sleeve that combines the two hand weights works incredible and everything stays tight.”

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